The CIA Texas campus in San Antonio is home to a vibrant and diverse community of foodies with a particular passion for Latin cuisine. They welcome students interested in pursuing a career in culinary or baking and pastry arts, as well as entrepreneurs hoping to start new food businesses or homegrown cooks looking to improve their skills for friends and family.

San Antonio is all about its close knit community, on and off campus. This Friendly city with infused with the beautiful Latin American Culture and cuisine.

Courses offered here


  • Multiple student events from Annual Chili and Cornbread Cook-off, Annual Festival of Tamales, Blended Burger Bash, Driscoll’s Berries Competition and more.
  • Student clubs like the Barbecue Club, the Garden Club and the Sugar Rush Club.
  • Outside of our teaching kitchens and classrooms, you can enjoy the beautiful amenities outside can Browse the Farmers Market.
  • Enjoy San Antonio’s vibrant dining scene, Check out the retail shops or take yoga class.
  • Experience special events like Tamales at Pearl, Paella Challenge, and Fiesta.


Latin kitchen with both indoor and outdoor cooking stations

Professional bakeshop

Demonstration theaters

A computer lab

Teaching kitchens

Library Learning Commons


Experience the city of San Antonio, Texas

The city offers an abundance of history, arts, and exquisite cuisines. It’s famous for its 24 kilometer-long scenic River Walk, which is packed with hundreds of shops, famous restaurants, historic landmarks, museums and attractions. And the CIA campus is located in the famous Pearl district with lots of foot traffic

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